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One month ago, I began taking vitamin supplements. Seven a day, to be exact. This was quite difficult for me to do, because we all know that I do not stay on track with anything.
HUM Nutrition is a vegetarian / vegan raw beauty brand that has a supplement for almost everything. I heard about it from Marissa Lace and thought that I would give it a try. They have this special where they take a certain percentage amount off your order if you have at least three chosen to purchase. Once you go through check out, you choose a plan that's month to month, a ninety day supply, six months, etc. I had picked the ninety day supply because one month is barely the beginning and with three months in my system, I'll really begin to see the changes it makes with my overall appearance and health.
The first one I got is the Daily Cleanse. It's a daily multivitamin that cleanses your liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs and skin. To get a little brutally honest here, I can definitely vouch for it cleaning out my bowels. Just saying. It also makes me burp and I can taste how it smells, but I'm not belching or anything so it's okay.
Red Carpet is a supplement that helps hair growth and improve your skin in six weeks. With it only being four weeks currently, I can say that it's doing it's job. My hair is growing a lot quicker and my skin is clearing up. I did have a bad breakout around the second week, so I stopped wearing makeup and I've been fine since.
The third is Skinny Bird and it's a weight loss program. I know that I'm not "big", but I am not small either. Last month, two months ago, we had a water leak in our kitchen and had to have all of the cabinets replaced. Because of that, we ate out every single day for almost a month long. This adds up and my pounds definitely added up. This vitamin helps with stress eating and helps you feel full faster when eating. I have to say, about two weeks into taking this, I was getting sick. Vomiting every morning was not for me, so I stopped taking it. I wish it didn't bother my stomach so much, because I love this brand.
I can't tell you how different these are from any other type of vitamin, simply because I never stuck to anything like I have with these. But I can tell you that these do what they're promoted to do.

** this post is not sponsored in any way. this is just a personal experience and opinion.

These past two weeks have been a blur. Working six days a week. Sleeping as soon as I'm done with dinner and a shower. Having a social life has flown right out the window. I don't have time for anything, and I tried to but boys are dumb and I'm taking a break from trying to go down that road (totally a different post for a different time). I think I've watch four full seasons of Friends and if I haven't already seen every episode, I wouldn't be able to tell you what it was about. There's only been a few breakdowns. Last Thursday was the big one. I was so stressed out from the whole work situation that's currently in play, I come home to a whopping size of cat vomit on my clean bed, my shower is not in order because the new rod was put up, and all I wanted to do was cry myself to sleep. I've found a few things that have kept me sane (well, almost). Practicing patience is my number one. I have a few quotes posted on my wall that remind me to stay grounded and stay in the moment. The right thing will happen at the right time. And with all that's going on, I know it's all supposed to happen. "every single thing that has ever happened to you is preparing you for what is yet to come." Long showers are also a plus, especially with candles. All the smells of the shampoo and the flames, brings you back to reality. That times is yours. You finally get about ten minutes to yourself. It's so needed. Writing is a huge help when in times of stress and anxiety. My planner and my journal have been safe places for me to run to when it's all too unbearable. Making lists and writing in the planner gives you the sense that you have everything in control. It's the whole 'fake till you make it' thing. I almost didn't write this post until I just sat and deleted about three others before I was happy with this. These are just a few things that have helped, but what helps you guys? I'm completely open up to any suggestions!
Summer in Arizona is not the place where you want to wear makeup, or anything for that matter. Places you didn't know sweat, sweats. Ice cream becomes a staple in every lunch. It's not called Valley of the Sun for no reason.
I don't know whether it's because everything about me is sensitive or just the fact that makeup melting into your eyes is uncomfortable, but I have a huge issue with wearing makeup in the summer. Being self conscious about how pink my skin is and how large my pores are, not wearing foundation was scary for me. I just couldn't do it, though. The stinging in my eyes won't go away until I wipe my face clean. The most I wear on a daily basis is mascara and I fill in my brows.
Beauty gurus are coming out with all of these sweat proof tutorials, but I just don't know if they can stand 110+ degrees. I have to give them credit, though. Those looks are gorgeous.
Since wearing very minimal beauty products, I have grown a sort of self confidence with my naked face. It took some time but after a few days, I had forgotten that I wasn't wearing anything and everything was fine. Although, I can't wait until winter when it actually gets cool around here for that winged eyeliner.

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