the heart howled.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019
The wolf hid in the heart of the cave for more than two decades. She made very few appearances throughout the years, hardly whimpering, not more than a scratch or a paw at the dirt edge of the sunlight. Nobody knew that it was all just practice for the day she was ready to walk on the gravel with the others. She was weary among the other monsters that eye her. They were loud and intimidated her, but she squared her shoulders and kept her nose high. She shut her eyes and raised her head towards the sunlight. It warmed her lonely skin. She kept the voices at bay and only let the sound of the universe fill her heart. The sun showed every flaw and every setback that had her hiding inside that cave for so long. It wasn't going to scare her away anymore, none of it was. She began to feel the confidence rise with the moon. The only light coming through was from the sky. It lit up other parts of herself that she had never seen before. The moonlight brought a different view to those areas she found so cringing; they were now pleasing to see. Each spot and situation were a separate being. As she stood on the edge of the cliff, she realized that she was the leader of her own pack. Those all sat behind her, waiting for her next move. And she howled. She found her voice and it rang through the branches of the forest around her, off the mountain. The strength that buried itself in her chest, was let out with an ever growing need to be heard. She may still find each step in the sun a little harder to take, but it will become easier as each night passes. Because she was the wolf.

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