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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Hello, friends. It's nice to formally introduce myself to you as a fellow chronic illness, lost, twenty something year old woman. When I think about how I would describe myself or my life, I either have way too many words pop up like a virus on the computer - warning! you're in danger! broken! you're going to self destruct in t minus 45 seconds! - or I go blank like said virus ridden laptop that you can no longer turn on. That's how my mind usually works on a daily basis. I am very much an over thinker and stress myself out about what plans I haven't made for eight months from now, or I have such severe brain fog that I will forget what I'm doing in the middle of grocery shopping and have to be reminded where I am.
I do feel a little bit weird discussing what exactly I'm diagnosed with. I'm as close to a doctor as watching the entire series of House makes me, but that's about it. I still hardly know what's going on with my body and what all the terms mean. But I will explain what I've been diagnosed with and what's happening with *my* body. I am here to be your uneducated, unsolicited advocate for whatever you need me to be.
I also have absolutely no freaking idea what I'm doing with my life. I know what the next steps are, but I have no clue as to how to get there. It's like this foot mask I was using the other night. I knew it was supposed to do that weird thing where all of your dead skin kind of just rubs off and leaves your feet super smooth, but the entire bottle was in Korean. I do not speak Korean, or any other language than English, despite the two years of French I took in high school. 
I'm just trying to get by in life, one day at a time, and without thinking about all of the other days in between.
So with all of this: 
I am here to be your uneducated, unsolicited advocate for whatever you need me to be that you never really asked for.

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